Visa Card For Crypto Cash Out

It has never been so easy to spend Crypto in day-to-day life with TRASTRA payment card.

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Convert your Crypto into Real Money

Turn Altcoins into € and load them into a payment card.

  • Visa® debit cards in EUR.
  • Linked with multi crypto wallets via instant exchange.
  • No need to visit a bank — receive the plastic card via global delivery.
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Easy Way To Spend Crypto

Convert BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP to EUR in a matter of moment, and cash them out via TRASTRA debit card.

Withdraw at ATM

Withdraw at ATM

Fast, safe and easy

1000 of ATMs at your convenience

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Manage funds on-the-go

Manage funds on-the-go

Full control 24/7

Download TRASTRA Mobile App

Download the App

Spend anywhere

Spend anywhere

Online and Offline

Spend your crypto at any merchant accepting VISA, POS or ePOS using the TRASTRA card.

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Card Management with TRASTRA App

Control your cryptocurrency, fiat money, and TRASTRA card in simple Web and Mobile app 24/7.

  • Instant disable. In case you’ve lost your card, you can disable it immediately. Reenable it once you’ve found it.
  • Account notifications. Push and e-mail notifications will be sent to you about all account usage events.
  • Instant card load. Send funds to your card directly from your app instantly when you need them.
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Contactless Payments Available

transtra card

Use your crypto card faster and safer with Contactless payment systems.

  • Available on handheld devices. Use your smartphone or smart-watch for contactless cryptocurrency payment.
  • Do more with payment services. Pay for purchases with the most popular payment applications like Samsung Pay and Google Pay
  • One touch payment with PayPass. Bring a card to the terminal to instantly pay for your purchase using PayPass technology.
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TRASTRA Debit Card Security

All our cards are issued by an industry leader.

  • Verified by Visa. Every transaction protected by VISA identity check to ensure that only a card owner can use it.
  • 2-Factor Authentication(2FA). When logging in you will need both the wallet password plus a one-time passcode generated by 2FA.
  • Anti-fraud protection. Online transaction should pass VISA 3D secure protocol.
  • Device authorisation. Any new device or browser needs to be confirmed via email.
  • Anti-skimming protection. All cards have chip technology to secure your money.

Ready to Reinvent Cryptocurrency?

Store crypto in BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and XRP wallets, order Visa card for spending crypto like traditional money.

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What is TRASTRA Debit Card?

TRASTRA Debit Card is a regular banking card that can be loaded with € originated from cryptocurrency wallets.

Card is available for all residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) and can also be used around the world for shopping, merchant payments, sending and receiving payments to/from other cardholders, paying bills and invoices and transfering money to local banks. TRASTRA Cards are available in plastic form in EURO currency.

How to use TRASTRA Debit Card?

Shop online or in physical stores. TRASTRA Debit Card is issued by VISA, so it is accepted everywhere.

Turn Bitcoins into Euros and Cash out in any ATM, anytime and anywhere.
Exchange cryptocurrency to fiat in the web app, without the need of exchanges and intermediaries.

Receive payments globally. Accept payments in digital money to multi crypto wallet or in € directly to your card.

Send payments in EUR. Make money transfers everywhere you want around the globe.

What is the transparent Pricing and Limits?

With TRASTRA Debit Card you can easily convert digital coins into Euros and use them in day-to-day life.

With TRASTRA card you can now spend up to €8000 per day!
(we have recently elevated online and offline limits according to the requests from the customers)

ATM withdrawals are limited to €300 daily. Maximum balance at any moment — €8000. But you can spend and then load again!

Monthly card service fee is €1.25 and that’s it.

TRASTRA Debit Card delivery is fast and free. All you need is to verify your identity and fill in the order details in TRASTRA App (available for iOS and Android). The card with a unique design is sent to you via postal delivery. You’ll only have to pay for the card order.

Please visit for a more detailed view.

How to manage TRASTRA Card On-the-Go?

Control your multi crypto wallets and TRASTRA Debit Card in powerful, easy-to-use banking app 24/7. App works both with iOS and Android smartphones and allows you to exchange crypto to € instantly right inside TRASTRA App. Once exchanged, crypto originated Euros can be loaded onto your card immediately with only a few taps & swipes.

TRASTRA app will show you all account usage history and events, it will send push and e-mail notifications. You can disable your card immediately in case you’ve lost it, and re-enable card easily once you’ve found it, so you can be twice as safe.

How secure is TRASTRA Debit Card?

All TRASTRA cards are protected from fraud activities. Every transaction is verified by Visa which means that it can only be processed by a card owner because it is covered by VISA identity check. Additionally, every transaction passes VISA 3D secure protocol. It is an XML-based protocol that secures your Internet payments at the highest level.

TRASTRA crypto to fiat exchange is secured with additional steps in the app to ensure the highest safety of your crypto and traditional currency. Logging into your account requires both the wallet password and one-time passcode generated by 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). TRASTRA app also takes a device authorization, so you need to approve any new device or browser and confirm it via email thus restricting all unknown users.

How to exchange Cryptocurrency to Fiat Instantly

With TRASTRA web and mobile apps the process of crypto to fiat exchange becomes obvious and fast. You can exchange your BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH to EUR right inside TRASTRA App almost immediately. From now on you don’t need any intermediaries to exchange your crypto to traditional money and spend them.

How to Receive and Send Payments Globally

TRASTRA Debit Card was created to make payments easily acceptable and instantly usable in everyday life. You can receive payments in crypto to your TRASTRA multi crypto wallet in BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH as well as directly to your TRASTRA Debit Card account in Euro.

Money transfers between TRASTRA users are also instant and cost only 20 euro cents

How to avoid Problems and Misunderstandings with Banks

In most cases, local banks do not support payments and transfers that are anyhow related to cryptocurrency. Hence, it is hard or even impossible for you to send money from a crypto exchange to your own bank account and card, TRASTRA becomes a hassle-free service solution for you.

TRASTRA works like “crypto-fiat” connector, we offer Multi Crypto wallets to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency, crypto-to-fiat instant exchange in the app and a Debit Card. TRASTRA, by contrast to local banks, does not ask any questions about your exchanges or money transfers, your monthly revenue etc.

TRASTRA combines multi crypto wallets, crypto-fiat exchange and Debit Card benefits all-in-one web app, thus allowing you to enjoy using cryptocurrency for day-to-day payments, shopping, and other activities.

Why TRASTRA Debit Card is Better

TRASTRA provides users not only with a simple Debit Card but also with all-in-one personal crypto-fiat banking that simply links the benefits of cryptocurrency usage with traditional banking infrastructure.

Multi crypto wallet gives you permission to obtain payments in BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and BCH, exchange them to EUR within TRASTRA exchange with low exchange rates, and transfer it to your TRASTRA Debit Card instantly.

Your Debit Card can be used as a method to top up your local cards, send and receive money all around the world, shop online and offline.

Exchange crypto to EUR. TRASTRA Instant CryptoCurrency to Fiat Exchange allows you to exchange BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and BCH to EUR just in few taps.

Top up TRASTRA Debit Card with EUR. Accept payments via TRASTRA Current Account and top up your card instantly in web or mobile app.

Cash out crypto all around the world. Withdraw your funds in any ATM that accepts VISA.

Receive payments in crypto from crypto-friendly businesses and spend it on an everyday basis. Use Multi Crypto wallets, exchange crypto to fiat, pay in online and physical stores.

Avoid bank bans and queries related to your transactions. Accept payments to TRASTRA Current Account and spend your funds having no additional questions asked.

How to Convert Bitcoins to € & Load Card

TRASTRA connects crypto and traditional finances, offering a solution to spend digital money via instant exchange to the payment card. TRASTRA app in conjunction with TRASTRA debit card makes both crypto and fiat money easily and immediately accessible for you 24/7.

TRASTRA Debit Card is linked to a multi crypto wallet which allows you to make instant crypto (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH) to fiat (EUR) exchange. Top up card with € from multi crypto wallets with your own coins via instant crypto-fiat exchange using TRASTRA web or mobile apps. Shop online with virtual card and in physical stores accepting Visa cards or cash out funds in any ATM all around the world.